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Founded in 2011, InstallPath Ltd. is a leading pay-per-install network that offers publishers, advertisers, and developers an advanced innovative monetization and optimization platform tailor-made for their unique needs. InstallPath Ltd. is part of Amonetize Media Group, and as such works directly with leading brands and companies in the industry, including CNET, Google, Softonic, Tucows, and more.

More Than a Platform

InstallPath offers more than just a technical service. Our publishers have exclusive access to a unique platform that connects between publishers, advertisers, and developers, allowing you to find the perfect product for your target audience or business strategy. Advertisers, publishers, and developers benefit from our team of experts who constantly work to improve our service and technology so that you can increase your revenues. This includes connecting advertisers to new and exclusive Publishers and customer-bases by driving thousands of daily installs that are relevant to the advertisers target audience and campaign strategy.

High-End Technology

Our R&D department is led by leaders in the technology industry and have created several innovative solutions to meet all of our partner's needs. This includes a user-friendly platform that allows you to create campaigns, monitor and track them in real time. Our business intelligence platform monitors, measures, and analyzes every install and provides you with comprehensive, in-depth reports from every angle of your campaign. Gain a deeper understanding of your install funnel and how to optimize it, take advantage of priceless insights into which stages should and shouldn't be adjusted to achieve higher conversion rates, and increase your revenues.

Developers and publishers have access to a sophisticated installer that can easily be branded for a more efficient and converting install process, while still providing you with all of the tracking information you need.

Our Mission

We are driven by our passion for excellence. Our mission is to be the best by providing a one-stop-shop solution with comprehensive features that cover every single need that arises. This includes a wide range of unique monetization tools to increase revenues, an internally developed, fully-automated engine that matches the best and most relevant offers to end users, and an integrated state-of-the-art business intelligence system that provides advanced, in-depth, and real-time reports.

Worldwide Reach

Our wide range of monetization solutions, innovative technology, professional executive team, and partnerships with world-leaders in the industry means that our clients work with a reliable, secure, and stable platform. With over 60 million monthly installs in nearly 200 countries, and over 10,000 developers, publishers and advertisers, InstallPath is the world's largest software distribution and monetization platform available today.

Leading Team

InstallPath Ltd. is led by a team of leading experts in the media, advertising, and technology industries. Our executive team consists of talented professionals with extensive experience in online marketing, affiliate marketing, media buying, social media marketing, SEM and SEO, installer technology, customer support, finance, management, sales, campaign optimization, and monetization methods.

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