Real-Time Targeting & Reporting

InstallPath provides a strong foundation for creating optimized and successful software products installation campaigns and it all starts with highly accurate real-time targeting & reporting. With InstallPath's analytics technology, Advertisers can monitor and track every aspect of their campaign's progress, from comprehensive data about their audience and installs, to CTR and daily spend. By gaining access to real-time reporting, and being able to edit and optimize your offer instantly, you can continuously optimize your campaign for maximum results.

A/B Testing

The InstallPath platform features built-in A/B testing using advanced algorithms that test various parameters in a chosen campaign. This allows the advertiser to constantly improve and optimize their campaign while getting a bigger picture of what their audience prefers. A/B testing is the only sure way to truly understand what methods, designs, content, etc. bring the highest ROI. InstallPath allows you to adjust your campaign and see exactly what each change does to your conversion rates, allowing you to continuously tweak your offerings to perfection.

Fully Branded

Our flexible software platform allows you to create a branded installer completely in line with your brand's design and message, allowing you to stand out from generic installers often used by many developers. Branded installers have proven to increase the brand's reliability, making users more inclined to complete the install process and increasing the conversion rate. Another very important side to InstallPath's platform is its localization capabilities, which allows you to present your users with an install wizard in their language, which is proven to increase conversion rates.

Sophisticated Installer

InstallPath uses an installer based on unique technology that allows for a smoother installation process for the end-user, thus creating a user experience that converts more, while providing you with all of the information you need to track and optimize your campaigns. Our installer also includes a fully customizable wizard for both the install and uninstall processes and supports campaigns that require multiple software versions, or multiple user offerings simultaneously.

Fully Compatible for Any Campaign

InstallPath offers a comprehensive solution to allow any brand to truly create tailor-made campaigns. This includes full compatibility with all the latest Windows operating systems and Unicode (including RTL languages). Our technology also supports browser changes, including changing the user's homepage, search provider, and adding extensions or plug-ins. Campaigns can also include customized popups and dialog boxes.


All of the activity on the InstallPath platform is monitored and secured to ensure end-user privacy.

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