InstallPath offers advertisers a cost-effective way to significantly increase their user base through efficient and innovative distribution solutions while providing exposure on an international scale.

High-End Technology

By using the InstallPath platform, advertisers can rest assured that they have the most innovative technology on their side.
Our solution is completely comprehensive and includes various sub-platforms, including a mobile and a browser extension platforms to provide advertisers with additional channels, which means additional traffic sources and maximum installs. InstallPath also features a secure and innovative installer that provides the end-user with a fast and easy install process, thus increasing overall installs and decreasing abandonment rates.

Real-Time Reporting

Advertisers using the InstallPath platform benefit from an advanced analytics system that provides in-depth data on every aspect of the campaign's performance, all in real-time. In addition to an innovative and user-friendly reportingsystem and dashboard, advertisers can easily implement changes to their campaigns based on the real-time information they receive. All changes are implemented instantly, allowing you to get immediate results and maximum optimization in minimum time.

Tailor-Made Campaigns

In order to ensure advertisers get maximum results, we provide various features that allow for completely tailor-made campaigns. From localization features to appeal more to your target audience, to complete control over every aspect of your creative - campaigns are completely tailor-made to your target audience and product.

Simply Better Results

The combination of our global reach, vast experience in the industry, and advanced technologies, we are able to provide advertisers with a number of features that ensure increased installs and higher conversions. This includes our ability to match your offerings to the right product and users, at the right time to gain maximum exposure and installs. Our "match-making" services also include matching the most effective model to your campaign and product, and matching you with the right publishers and software products. The end result is higher conversion rates and increased returns

Anti-Fraud Measures

Our platform has various security features to protect advertisers from fraudulent.

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