InstallPath offers publishers a reliable global platform with international reach,comprehensive monetization solutions, and state-of-the-art technology. Work with a team of leading professionals, all with extensive experience in the industry and all on a mission to help you achieve your business goals.

Real-Time Analytics

InstallPath features advanced analytics technology that can be accessed from a convenient online dashboard. Our analytics technology features innovative algorithms that scan and analyze every aspect of your performance, providing you with in-depth information about your installs and audience. All the information is provided in real-time so that publishers can make instant changes based on the information they receive, wasting no time on guess work and uncertainties. With InstallPath, you can see what works in a matter of minutes. The InstallPath dashboard can be accessed from any device and any platform, allowing you to constantly be connected, even on the go.

Higher Global Payouts

InstallPath works on a global scale, with a presence in dozens of countries and partnerships with many of the largest software advertisers in the world. Our platform offers localization features that adjust campaigns to the viewer's language, screen resolution

Reliable Installer

We offer publishers a state-of-the-art installer that is optimized for both ends of the funnel. End-users are provided with a smoother install process, which increases overall successful installs rate, and publishers are provided with all of the information they need to monitor installs and their source. InstallPath also allows publishers to create a branded version of our installer to increase brand awareness, reliability, and long-term loyalty from users.

A/B Test Your Installer

Publishers working with the InstallPath platform can continuously optimize their installer by using our A/B testing feature. This feature allows publishers to use multiple installers with the same software while analyzing every aspect of user interactions with the product, including the entire install process. Analytics are provided to the publisher in real time to allow for instant adjustments and changes, and maximum results.

Choose Your Product

InstallPath presents publishers with an extensive collection of software and application products to choose from. Choose the product that best suits your needs and your target audience to allow for efficient distribution and increased monetization. Or let InstallPath do this work automatically for you.

24/7 Support

InstallPath consists of a number of teams, each working around the clock to ensure that our publishers, developers, and advertisers all get everything they need to maximize their returns. We are always available to provide personal assistance and to help in any way we can.

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